We all know that the book of Genesis as real history is not treated seriously in our public schools nor in the media, so the Genesis Veracity Foundation is an effort for grassroots dissemination of rock solid proofs of the scientific and historical truth of the Genesis account; that the Ice Age must have been caused by a warmer ocean, heated from below, and that the Ice Age ended much later than we've been led to believe, evidenced by the submerged "bronze age" ruins worldwide, and certainly that the ancients gave meaning to the word geometry, earth measure, by accurately calculating distance and direction by the earth's wobble rate, what the darwinists are having a hard time digesting, so we must take the message to the people, help us guide them here. Arabic translation see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/arabic/index.html, and upper left google translator for other languages.

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Spectacular Irony Those Who Oppose Killing Unborn Children Called Heartless by Those Supporting

Is it not extremely ironic that those who support a pregnant woman’s “right” to end the heartbeat of the life in her womb call those who oppose it heartless?  

Secular Experts on Science and Ancient History Prime Targets for Evangelism by Book of Genesis

Secular (biblephobic) experts on ancient history ponder the plethora of biblical names of ancient tribes even nations confirmed archaeologically, language families too, surely haunting those experts that “since the Bible is not true,” all those names in history really must be just coincidence, lucky guesses by “iron age shepherds.”  And scientists such as geologists of the uniformitarian bent surely ponder the billions of creatures entombed in sedimentary rock, 95% of the fossils of marine creatures, indicating the flood of Noah’s day a much more satisfying solution than dozens of ocean transgressions through billions of years.  

Rather Than Saying They Can’t Believe You Believe That Stuff They’ll Say They Understand Why You Do

Unbelievers love to ask believers how seemingly intelligent people can believe that Genesis stuff, usually followed by answers from the believers far from satisfying, yet with the mysteries solved at the Genesis Veracity Foundation, believers can demonstrate that belief otherwise in fact is irrational.  

Plato Wrote That Atlantis was Nesos West of Italy so What’s to Wonder Except Why Biblephobia?

In his history of the nesos of Atlantis, Plato wrote that it ended at Italy (Tyrrhenian sea) and extended outside Gibraltar (Pillars of Hercules) as well, which of course must have been the southern coastline of western Europe, during the Ice Age when the sea level was lower, nesos which can mean peninsula (in Peloponnesos) as well as island, the center of the city of Atlantis an island, the greater empire a peninsula (and the western coastline of ice age North Africa “to Libya”).  

Pride Comes Before the Fall for Jews Who Reject Messiah Jesus Because Gentiles the Evangelists

Jesus said the Jews would be provoked to jealousy of Gentiles’ belief in the jewish Messiah, Emmanuel, Yeshua Mashiach, some then to accept His offer of salvation, yet many Jews will reject Him for the reason that Gentiles should not be evangelists of the jewish Word, that pride which causes the fall of many.  

Look What Happened to Adam and Eve Questioning Word Wondering Did Elohim Really Say . . . . . ?

Even ‘though Elohim personally told Adam and Eve that they would surely die (spiritually then physically) if they would eat fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they did it anyway, probably overcome by curiosity, remembering Satan having said “did Elohim really say that you would die?”  

Ancient Aliens TV Show Says Satan Extraterrestrial Change Agent Rejected by Old School Traditionalists

Biblephobes are always trying to rationalize the biblical narrative to mean something else, for instance a recent Ancient Aliens broadcast says Satan really was a space alien who brought advanced knowledge to humankind, not the knowledge of good and evil as the Word says, rather that the knowledge was all good, used by some ancients yet rejected by others such as those believing in the Messiah, the Lamb of Elohim.  

Constitutionally Guaranteed Free Exercise of Religion Like Muscle If You Don’t Use It You Lose It

Constitutionally guaranteed “free exercise of religion” is like exercising muscles, humans free to exercise their muscles at home or wherever as with the free exercise of religion, the christian faith for instance allowed freely exercised at business, home, church, school, or government venue, constitutionally protected religious expression, living out one’s faith.  

Evolution Originally Meant to Unroll Scroll Revolution of Roll Material Written Should Be Morphing

Evolution was taken for darwinian biology from its original meaning to unroll a scroll, to revolve a scroll for it to evolve, to roll out, so to say that represents darwinian biology, supposedly new kinds of creatures seen by genetic increase of happenstance, is to say the scroll was being written while it was being rolled out, perhaps morphing a better descriptor.  

Canaanite Ancestry No Problem Now Lost by Intermarriage and Fulfillment of Curse by Joshua

No one today can definitively say they are Canaanite, that ethnic group having been displaced from the Holy Land by Joshua through to the time of Solomon, the survivors of the Canaanites then intermarried with individuals of other ethnic groups, so the Canaanite line was effectively lost to history, the curse on Canaan therefore ended, today Gentiles free to accept Jesus Christ the Messiah just like the Jews, as did the canaanite harlot Rahab at the time of Joshua.