We all know that the book of Genesis as real history is not treated seriously in our public schools nor in the media, so the Genesis Veracity Foundation is an effort for grassroots dissemination of rock solid proofs of the scientific and historical truth of the Genesis account; that the Ice Age must have been caused by a warmer ocean, heated from below, and that the Ice Age ended much later than we've been led to believe, evidenced by the submerged "bronze age" ruins worldwide, and certainly that the ancients gave meaning to the word geometry, earth measure, by accurately calculating distance and direction by the earth's wobble rate, what the darwinists are having a hard time digesting, so we must take the message to the people, help us guide them here. Arabic translation see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/arabic/index.html, and upper left google translator for other languages.

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In Phoenicians’ Wake Finnegan Name Fionnagain Originally Phoenix or Phonics of Phoeniusa Canaan

Doesn’t the old irish name Fionnagain (Finnegan) look a lot like Phoenician?  Phoeniusa with Cadmus brought the alphabet by sea to Europe (Europa, daughter of Agenor) from Canaan circa 1400 b. c. when the Ice Age had ended, the semitic alphabet which didn’t stick for over a thousand years in Ireland though the surname did.  

Expansive Desert Kites Low Stone Walls to Funnel Animals of Sinai Israel Jordan Arabia During Ice Age

Throughout where today are the deserts of southern Israel, the Sinai, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are ancient wild game funnels called Desert Kites, converging pairs of low stone walls between which animals were funneled to a pit for their slaughter, no large herbivores there now, but up until circa 1500 b. c. such was the verdant range.  

Because People Don’t Do Their Best Work Without Being Incentivized Socialism Failed at Plymouth Rock

The Pilgrims were contracted by their sponsors in Europe to set up a collective economy upon arrival in the New World, which failed miserably, some working much harder than too many others, but the next year when William Bradford allowed each a plot of land to work for individual profit, the colony quickly became a net exporter to the Indians.  

More Thanksgiving Dinner Talking Points to Engage Biblephobes in Logic of Biblical Creationism

New Age types who may be at your Thanksgiving dinner table would be interested to know that Atlantis was just as Plato said it was, from Italy and Libya to the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) and beyond, an ice age civilization, when they navigated all over the world, by the mapping method according to the precession rate of the earth’s axis manifested in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid which is aligned precisely to true north.  

Pluto God of Flows Such as Hydrothermal Mineral Veins of Plutons of Nymph Plouto Mother of Tantalus

Pluton or pluvial are words denoting flow, of magma or water, so that Plouto (a sea nymph) of the Greeks became Pluto (god of the underworld and mineral wealth) to the Romans confirms the link through the Eleusinian Mysteries spawned in mineral rich western Turkey when the Ice Age had ended.  

Talking Points for Thanksgiving Dinner to Use on Animated Biblephobes and Apologists for Islam

When the conversation during your family Thanksgiving Day dinner inevitably turns to the regions of taboo (politics and religion), ask those defending Islam “the religion of peace” whether or not Muhammed was a terrorist, and ask those espousing manmade climate change whether they they know that the Ice Age could have been caused by only the ocean warmer, having been heated from below, and to those saying darwinism is undeniably true, tell them that all the species of animals are infertile within their respective biblical kinds (syngameons) such that only about twenty thousand syngameons of creatures need have been on Noah’s Ark; food for thought.  

Idea of Dragons Replete in Medieval History Came From Somewhere Presumably Not Paleontological

Where did medieval writers get the idea about dragons in their histories, by piecing together bones from the ground?  

Time of the Gods Preceding Heroic Age Greece Marks End of Ice Age Family Lineages’ Confusion

Notice the earliest heroes of ancient Greece during the “bronze age collapse” had parents ostensibly gods, because families were ripped apart during the anarchy and migration at that time when the Ice Age had recently ended.  

Shut Down Old Earth Creationists by One Simple Question Where Does Real History Begin in Bible?

The Word is a generation by generation account of ancient history from Adam and Eve to Jesus, so for old earth creationism to be valid, the account must be inaccurate up until some generation, that generation which the old earth creationists therefore must identify to try to make sense of their scheme.  

Old Cold Warriors May Not Love Melania Trump’s Voice Like Natasha Fatale on Rocky and Bullwinkle

Melania Trump spoke onstage at Donald’s campaign rally last night in South Carolina, many old veterans of the Cold War no doubt in the crowd, so when she spoke sounding like Natasha Fatale on the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series, some of those old veterans probably looked at each other with eyebrows raised!