We all know that the book of Genesis as real history is not treated seriously in our public schools nor in the media, so the Genesis Veracity Foundation is an effort for grassroots dissemination of rock solid proofs of the scientific and historical truth of the Genesis account; that the Ice Age must have been caused by a warmer ocean, heated from below, and that the Ice Age ended much later than we've been led to believe, evidenced by the submerged "bronze age" ruins worldwide, and certainly that the ancients gave meaning to the word geometry, earth measure, by accurately calculating distance and direction by the earth's wobble rate, what the darwinists are having a hard time digesting, so we must take the message to the people, help us guide them here. Arabic translation see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/arabic/index.html, and upper left google translator for other languages.

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Life of Born Again Believers Like Running Race Through Finish Line to Perfection for Rewards

Runners don’t stop at the finish line, for instance the life of a born again Christian, said in the Word to be like a runner of a race, disciplined and energetic, running through the finish line to eternal rest and reward.  

Wikipedia Biblephobes Can’t Shake Veracity of Table of Nations’ Connections Replete in History

As you research ancient history on the web, the uniformitarians at Wiki almost always have something to say, and much of it with usually tangential references to “confirmation” of their research by the people and nations listed in Genesis 10, as if the writing of Genesis 10 (by Noah’s three sons) is not the superior source, all subsequent confirmation actually of it!  

Rather Than Parody Law Abiding Gun Owners Shouldn’t SNL Mock the Demented Who Threaten?

How do the comedic strategists at Saturday Night Live think that to parody law abiding gun owners does more for public safety than to make fun of the philosophies of those bent on murder?  

Wide Ranging Sons of Togarmah Turkey to Western China Grandsons of Gomer Cimmerian Patriarch

Hayk was the legendary founder of Armenia (Aram though probably the namesake), Hayk a son of Togarmah whose progeny in addition Hayk ranged from Turkey (son Turqi) all the way to western China, the Taklamakan desert, where the Uighers (son Ugar) still live and the Tocharians once did when the region was verdant during the Ice Age, also in Tocharistan, today’s northern Afghanistan.  

Abraham Bought Cave of the Patriarchs at Hebron Burial Place of Heber Apparently with Progeny

Five hundred years before Joshua led Israel into the Holy Land, Abraham purchased the Cave of the Patriarchs at Hebron from some Hittites (Canaanites), the patriarchs though of Abraham obviously, such as namesake of the city Heber.  

If Pastors Would Teach Biblical Syngameons Then Darwinists Shown Digging Their Racist Grave

To contest darwinism and its racist premise that there are “favored races,” pastors must embrace young earth creationism to teach that we are all of the human syngameon, the humankind, the “races” selected naturally in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood when the progeny of the eight on the Ark moved off into new and disparate ecological zones.  

Enemies of Israel in Psalm 83 Includes Philistia Land of Goliath Palestinian State Against Elohim

When the Psalms were written circa 1000 b. c., the Philistines (Gaza Strip) were still hanging on though destined for the dustbin of history within a few centuries, Philistia in Psalm 83, one of the ancient names of the tribes listed surrounding Israel, so clearly today’s Palestinian warriors are Philistia against Israel.  

Pastor Jeremiah Wright Still Says Jesus Palestinian That Christians Should Unite Against Israel

President Barack Hussen Obama’s pastor in Chicago for twenty years, Jeremiah Wright, is still saying Jesus was a Palestinian, that therefore Christians should unite behind a Palestinian state in the Holy Land, so obviously the infamous pastor has never been an aficionado of biblical prophecy, the enemies of Israel to be destroyed (see Psalm 83).  

Islamic Terrorists Use Religion’s Texts to Recruit so Moderate Muslims Need Analyze Faith Basis

Such as ISIS use sacred muslim religious texts to recruit their volunteers, so “moderate Muslims” need to come to terms with this, to analyze the ostensible holiness of that faith.  

After Atlantean Empire Iron Age High Places Brochs Braganca Bergen Built for Defense in Chaos

As with an iceberg, it’s a high place, a berg, for names such as Bergen (western Norway) and Braganca (western Spain), in the mountains, the same Indo European word root for Brochs, the defensive stone towers built in iron age Britain, because the eastern Atlantic was a very dangerous place when the Ice Age had ended.