We all know that the book of Genesis as real history is not treated seriously in our public schools nor in the media, so the Genesis Veracity Foundation is an effort for grassroots dissemination of rock solid proofs of the scientific and historical truth of the Genesis account; that the Ice Age must have been caused by a warmer ocean, heated from below, and that the Ice Age ended much later than we've been led to believe, evidenced by the submerged "bronze age" ruins worldwide, and certainly that the ancients gave meaning to the word geometry, earth measure, by accurately calculating distance and direction by the earth's wobble rate, what the darwinists are having a hard time digesting, so we must take the message to the people, help us guide them here. Arabic translation see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/arabic/index.html, and upper left google translator for other languages.

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Genesis University Where Young Christians and Seekers Would Learn Biblical Model of Earth History

Should Jesus tarry, a university for the teaching of the biblical model for earth and cosmological history is certainly in order (although He might set one up during the Millennium), after all, no major christian university teaches such with rigor while millions of believers and seekers alike would surely be interested to matriculate at Genesis University.  

Halloween Remembrance Day of Dead by Noah’s Flood Teaching Tool for Christians on Judgment

Noah offered sacrifice to Elohim in the aftermath of the global flood (hundreds of ancient tribal legends about it), then not surprisingly, in the centuries which followed, the Day of the Dead with sacrifices was observed at the same time of year all over the world, so the Catholics, three millennia later (circa 600 a. d.), declared it All Saints Day, also Hallows’ Eve, Halloween (rather than for instance Samhein in Britain), it was the Catholics’ effort to christianize the day, yet those unrepentant who died in the Flood were certainly not saved!  

Geraldo Rivera Says Belief in Evolution Litmus Test for Intelligence so What Tree Shrew Tribe is He?

Speaking about young earth creationists, crazy according to Geraldo Rivera, who says only wing-nuts don’t believe in darwinism, so down which branch of tree shrew does Geraldo think he descended, or is the lemur the missing link de jour?  

Notice Mocking Media Talking Heads Never Interview Ask YEC’s Why Extra-Biblically They Believe

Biblephobes in the media love to portray biblical young earth creationists as semi-literate dullards, yet have you noticed they never ask the Christians what are reasons to believe biblical history other than what’s written in the Word?  

John Barleycorn Lore Link to Ancient Burial on Bier Drinking Beer Seen as Essence of Reincarnation

Legendary John Barleycorn is the story of the plight of the barley plant, from seedling to harvest in the fall, the seed buried, like a dead person loaded on a bier taken to his burial for instance in a barrow, the essence of John Barleycorn beer, drunk by the survivors to assuage the pain of loss, beer which was said to be John Barleycorn’s blood, to imagine reincarnation because it was said that “he got up again.”  

Like Progressives Changed Their Name from Liberals so Diversity is New Name for Racial Quotas

When a message doesn’t work, sometimes just changing its label will fool some, such as by liberals having changed their handle to progressives, and racial quotas now called diversity.  

Big Sur Tyre High Rock Like in Survey Old Spanish French of Atlantean Realm West from Italy

Tyre of the Phoenicians was named for the hebrew word sur meaning rock or high place (Tyre an island nearshore since the Ice Age ended), as in Jeremiah 21: 13 that the sur (rock) of the unbelievers (Tyrians) is not the Sur (Rock) whom believers serve, sur meaning high place or above which came into Indo European languages with words such as surreal and survey, perhaps brought by the Pelasgians who probably named Iberia (Heber) during or just after the time of Atlantis.  

Purpura Purple Dye of Murex Shellfish Porphyra Same Color Porphyrite Stones of Egyptian Quarry

Tyrian (syrian) murex shellfish dye was known to the Greeks as porphyra dye, purple, confirmed in that the Latins knew that shellfish and color as purpura, the color of that shellfish dye then affixed to the purple stones which the Egyptians dug from a quarry near the Red Sea, porphyrites, later used as a generic term for a type of igneous rock.  

Imagine That You Live in Israel Surrounded by Culture of Homicidal Anti Semitism Messiah Only Hope

While the Muslims are expecting their Mahdi to come leading them to the global caliphate, their cult of antisemitic rage now surrounding Israel, can you imagine living there in the Holy Land without the hope that the Word will come true, that the Messiah will come back to defend Israel then establish peace?  

Green Movement Says Plant Trees Which Though Produce Carbon Dioxide Said Bad for Environment

Environmental activists must be very confused, for on the one hand, they are told planting trees is good for the environment, while on the other hand, the carbon dioxide produced by trees is supposedly their worst enemy!