We all know that the book of Genesis as real history is not treated seriously in our public schools nor in the media, so the Genesis Veracity Foundation is an effort for grassroots dissemination of rock solid proofs of the scientific and historical truth of the Genesis account; that the Ice Age must have been caused by a warmer ocean, heated from below, and that the Ice Age ended much later than we've been led to believe, evidenced by the submerged "bronze age" ruins worldwide, and certainly that the ancients gave meaning to the word geometry, earth measure, by accurately calculating distance and direction by the earth's wobble rate, what the darwinists are having a hard time digesting, so we must take the message to the people, help us guide them here. Arabic translation see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com/arabic/index.html, and upper left google translator for other languages.

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Braided Euphrates River Streams Hundred Miles Long Passed Through Big Cities of Ice Age Sumer

Canal building for irrigation in southern Mesopotamia is known to not have begun until the iron age, so that the ancient big cities of Sumer were almost all on streams of water some over a hundreds miles long (now desert) proves that they were on braided streams (during the Ice Age) which separated (below Babel) from the Euphrates toward the east and south, when the Euphrates (and the Tigris) flowed with much greater volume during the Ice Age.  

Most Scientists Rightly Guess Demise of Atlantis was End of Ice Age But Forget Plato’s Geography

Plato wrote that Atlantis was a great naval empire, bronze age, but mainstream scientists opine that if Atlantis was real, its demise was when they say the Ice Age ended circa 10000 b. c., which of course would negate that the Atlanteans were navigating all over the world in ships with bronze age implements. If those mainstream scientists (and historians) would admit what Plato wrote, that greater Atlantis extended to Italy and Libya, and outside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) as well, bronze age, then they could admit that the Ice Age must have ended much later than they have been saying, but don’t hold your breath, for such admission would be stamping approval on the biblical accounting of history.  

BleachBit Brags They Stifled FBI Investigation of Hillary’s Emails But App Didn’t Hide Benghazi Yoga

At the BleachBit website they’ve been bragging about their app’s cleansing of Hillary’s emails, ostensibly having stifled the FBI’s investigation, but why would they brag about scrubbing emails supposedly about just yoga and wedding plans? Investigators though reportedly have been able to discern that the word Benghazi was used in those emails, so is Benghazi a new kind of yoga move or perhaps a new wedding set design?  

Wouldn’t You Guess Pastors Assume Genesis is Accurate History to Find the Evidence Supporting It?

Pastors usually say “the Bible is the Word of God,” yet most of them don’t dare embrace the book of Genesis being real history written to be defended from the pulpit, so is this because there is no evidence that the plain reading of Genesis is real history? Children read Genesis and then want answers to learn how it’s all true, while pastors seem to be looking for ways to avoid talking about the people and events in Genesis at all, now what do you suppose the kids think about those pastors’ weak performances on this?  

Companies Certified All Legal Employees Could Gain in Gross Volume Sales Without Price Increases

Perhaps a new association of companies to greatly benefit legal american workers would be one to certify that all its member companies employ only legal workers, then advertise those companies, to benefit their gross sales probably much more than enough to offset the higher labor costs.  

Ice Age Biblical Chronology Matches Submerged Ruins Evidence Catastrophic Exodus Climate Change

When you consider the submerged stone ruins of temples, plazas, and housing found on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world, and the ruins of ancient cities now stranded in deserts, that the climate changed drastically at the time of the Exodus becomes quite apparent, the time of the end of the Ice Age. The world ocean had gradually cooled during about nine centuries preceding the time of the Exodus, having been heated by the fountains of the deep for Noah’s Flood, that warmer ocean which resulted, the engine for the Ice Age.  

Extremely Remorseful Sadness is Usually the Cause for Unbelievers to Cry Out Becoming Born Again

We have all experienced “the breaking point,” when fear or remorse causes one to either lash-out or seek Spirit to be saved from the torment, but if you’re not yet born again, there’s no need to wait for such trauma, for all which is required is admittance and repentance from sin which comes by our fallen nature.  

You’d Think Elohim Would Heal All His Children But His Ways are Not Ours In Light of Spiritual Results

The Apostle Paul had an affliction which was not healed by Elohim, his “thorn in the flesh,” so even the best of believers through the centuries were not healed of tormenting maladies, which is difficult to understand considering the Father is the loving papa, but apparently Spiritual lessons in many cases can be learned only by His allowing the fallen world in its hurting condition to continue, yet not for much longer, now almost six thousand years since the fall of Adam and Eve.  

Hillary Says Muslims Love United States Just as Much as She Does Which is Certainly Food for Thought

In a recent campaign speech, Mrs. Clinton said that Muslims love the United States just as much as she does, so considering the manual for Islam says to conquer all nations for the global caliphate, what exactly does she mean?  

Chaldean Christians Land of Patriarchs Remind ISIS of Assyrian Nineveh’s Fate After Jonah Preached

A representative of Elohim traveled to Nineveh in Assyria circa 630 b. c. to preach to that great marauding power (which was defeated in 612 b. c.), it was Jonah whose preaching brought hundreds of thousands to saving faith by repentance to Elohim the Creator described in the Word, and such is the case today, where ISIS is prowling and marauding, but the witness of Jesus Christ the Lamb of Elohim is there, preached by some of the descendants of the thousands saved at Ninevah, the Chaldean Christians, the Assyrian Church.